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Walker Seamless Coffee Grinder Set-Delonghi Coffee Blade, Coffee Canister, Colombia Single Origin Coffee Beans

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Walker Seamless Coffee Grinder Set consists of the following:

- 1X Delonghi Coffee Blade Grinder
The multifunctional blade coffee grinder is easily operated using a 'push to grind' system, allowing you to grind up to your desired grind size and fineness to make your desired cup of coffee

- 1X Coffee Canister 1.5 L
 Protects your coffee from light, moisture, oxygen and keep your coffee beans fresh with rotating date tracker.

- 1X Walker Coffee Colombia Supremo Single Origin 250g - coffee beans
Tasting Notes: • Plum, Cane, Sugar, Apricots • Single Origin • Medium Roast Level Body: •Balanced with medium acidity and strong taste and earthy taste

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