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Walker Manual Coffee Grinder
Walker Manual Coffee Grinder

Walker Manual Coffee Grinder

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1. Perfect Adjustable Setting: Manual coffee grinder has 3 grades adjustment for coarse,medium or fine by turning the adjusting wheel,clockwise for fine grade and anti-clockwise for coarse grade.Make sure there are no obstructions between the inner and outer burr when turning the adjustbale wheel.This is very important when changing from a course to fine grade.Keep the coffee beans are dry before grinding.

2.With High Quality nice retail packing and detail instruction. It is a nice gift for relatives or friends.We are trying on new package box and colorful instruction updating for our matte black manual coffee grinder .If you get New version one that be our new design packing. If you get TM version coffee grinder was our old design packing . You will get them by random during the update period.We are trying our best to update them be better.Quality keeps same.New packing will come soon,thank you .

3.Portable mini one with ceramic adjustable knob is easy to use and cleaning it. The manual coffee grinder can be cleaned by brush or running water. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning. After washing, please air dry it well before reassembling the parts.

4.Hand Coffee Grinder Adjustable Setting Portable Manual Coffee Mill with Ceramic Burr Grinder Stainless Steel Camping Burr Coffee Bean Grinder for French Press, Drip Coffee, Aeropress, Espresso,Turkish Brew. Convenient to carry in any place as you prefer.Please read detail instruction paper before you use it , you can enjoy your nice coffee time at home,in office or outdoors camping and hiking.