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Walker Barista Kit [Beginner Set]

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Introducing Walker Barista Kit. All you need to kick start your Barista passion. This is perfect all-in-one barista set for beginner, it is a complete set and easy to use, which is very convenient for beginners or students to brew coffee that satisfies you.

The package contains:

  1. Walker Professional Barista Apron (x1)
  2. WALKER Manual Coffee Grinder Portable Hand Coffee Bean Mill with Ceramic Adjustable Knob Setting Stainless Steel Coffee (x1)
  3. 350 Ml stylish coffee kettle (x1)
  4. Walker French Press 600 ML (Flat Lid) (x1). The French press coffee maker is the simplest of all brewing systems, where coarsely ground beans meet hot water right off the boil. The right temperature (92–96 °C, 195–205 °F) brings the optimal extraction power for the essential oils in the beans to develop their full flavor profile in just four minutes. An easy press on the plunger locks the grinds at the bottom of the glass carafe and stops the brewing process.
  5. HARIO V60 Craft Coffee Starter Set in Black (x1)
    It is highly recommended for beginners who are starting to brew coffee for the first time.
    Includes the following items:This pour over set has all the basic essentials! It is highly recommended for beginners who are starting to brew coffee for the first time.

    1. Includes the following items:
    2. V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper 02
    3. V60 Coffee Server 02 in Black
    4. 40 Count V60 Paper Filters
    5. WhitePlastic Coffee Spoon
  6. Walker Single Origin 250g SUMATRAN MANDALING. We craft our coffee bean brand with Sumatran Mandaling beans origin. Tasting notes:
- Cranberries, Orange, Dark Chocolate, and Prunes
- Medium Roasting with Natural Processing Body:
- Balanced with medium to high acidity and strong taste of chocolate and fruity
- Single Origin (Hand Picked) 
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