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Jura ENA8 Aroma G3 Super Automatic Coffee Machine

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small, stunning, simple The superlative new one-cup machine: small, simple, stunning – a must for all coffee lovers and connoisseurs. The ENA 8 impresses with speciality coffees that are freshly ground, not capsuled. Red earth, a city held in the valley of rolling hills. The clay roof tiles blaze in the warm light of the evening sun. This is the world of sundown and the colour world of the ENA 8 in Sunset Red. MAIN FEATURES Measures just 27.1 × 32.3 × 44.5 cm. Stunning all-round design and cylindrical Water Tank. Easy to use via TFT display and operating panel. Compatible with JURA App J.O.E. 10 specialities at the touch of a button. *This coffee machine's available to rent, please contact admin for further information