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Delonghi EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler 200ml - Cleaning Solutions

Descaler for coffee machines, food grade, natural ingredients, 2x100ml convenient pack
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Enjoyed many cups of freshly brewed coffee from your coffee machine? It's probably time to give it a little cleanse to ensure the same quality output as your first day of use. Experience the perfect coffee flavour and crema, by increasing the lifespan of your coffee maker while preserving its energy efficiency with a regular descale routine. Savour on your favourite cup of coffee like how you enjoyed it on your first day of use.


  • Comes in a convenient 200ml bottle for easy storage and usage.
  • Compatible with all fully automatic and pump coffee machines
  • Perform 2 complete descaling cycles with 200ml of the solution
  • To descale, simply add the 100ml fluid to the water tank with fresh cold water and follow the simple instructions on your coffee machine.

For multi-functional maintenance of both the milk frothing system and cleaning the external coffee machine surfaces, use the Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml DLSC550. For a 500ml bottle, try the EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler 500ml DLSC500