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Delonghi Burr Grinder

It's a GRINDER with One Stationary Burr & One Spinning Burr: Beans Are Pulled Down & Ground Against Each Other. Ideal for Coffee Advanced consumers: it provides a consistent grind and preserves the Aroma.
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1. Burr grinder
The two grinding wheels create a perfect powder without overheating and preserving the full aroma of your beans. The beans are pulled down between the two wheels and crushed as they grind between them. The upper grinding wheel is removable for ease of cleaning

2. 16 grind settings
The 16 settings on the adjustable grinding wheels allow total control on the grind setting, for a truly custom powder

3. Soft touch interface
The user friendly control panel with soft touch buttons allows you to choose how many cups to make - and then make them without effort

4. Up to 12 cups
Choose the number of cups you want to grind the coffee for: from one to 12
Stainless steel elements

Plastic body with stainless steel front and side panels