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Walker French Press 600 ML (Flat Lid)

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Volume/Sizes available:  Flat Lid 600 ml

How to brew coffee using the french press:

Put around 10-15 grams of coarsely ground coffee to 200 ml (or 200 grams) of hot boiling water. Allow it to brew in the french press for about 4-5 minutes. Stir the coffee ground that's on top. Leave it alone for another 4-5 mins. During this time most if not all coffee ground/fines will settle all the way to the bottom. Place the lid on. Press down the piston very gently to the surface of the coffee, NOT ALL THE WAY DOWN. This is to prevent stirring up the coffee ground. Gently pour out the coffee into a cup and enjoy your coffee.

This method will maximise extraction and minimize the sludge/fines in your cup.

It is of multi-use, too.

Apart from brewing coffee, you can use it to  rew tea or froth milk, as well.

*Please take good care when opening up the brown carton box. Be careful not to cut the coffee pack.

Or you could also cut from the bottom of the box. :)

** Method of brewing coffee is my personal point of view. Preferences of taste is highly personal. This does not serve as the one and only way of brewing coffee in a french press. Also, to note, french press is by design not able to filter away all the fines, hence the longer waiting time in order to let the fines settle down in the hope it won't end up in your cup.

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