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Thermal Milk Frothing Carafe - All Coffee Machine Accessories

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The thermal milk frothing carafe is equipped with De'Longhi's LatteCrema system that delivers dense and creamy milk foam for all milk-based beverages. The double-wall thermal carafe also has insulating properties that help to keep the milk at the perfect temperature to enable perfect frothing and optimal results. If you would like to have a variety of milk in your beverage preparation, opt to have various carafes for convenient storage in your refrigerator. Compatible only with Primadonna Elite Experience and Primadonna S Evo fully automatic coffee machine. Superior frothing capabilities of more than 1.5times the volume of milk. Equipped with self-cleaning function. Detachable to allow storage in the refrigerator. Cater to different dietary preferences with separate milk carafes for dairy and plant-based milk.