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Kenwood Meat Mincer Attachment - All Stand Mixer Attachments - Baking

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*Only suitable for kitchen machines with slow speed outlets, and compatible with hex twist connection outlet. The kitchen machine with a bar twist connection outlet requires a Bar-to-Hex Adaptor KAT001ME. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.

Enjoy making homemade dishes and keeping your heirloom recipes alive? Find out how you can achieve the same results and taste, but with half the effort with Kenwood's kitchen machine accessories.

Kenwood's multi-food mincer attachment allows you to easily attach onto the slow-speed outlet of your stand mixer to mince a variety of ingredients and prepare different dishes. Coated in full metal, this high-performance meat grinder is an essential tool for homemakers looking to elevate dishes with customised ingredients.

• Die-cast aluminium
• Comes with 3 metal screens for fine (3mm), medium (4.5mm) and coarse (8mm) results
• Comes with a pusher, kebbe maker and 2 sausage adaptors
• Hex twist connection system
• 1.6kg