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Kenwood Glass Kettle 1.7L - Kettles - Small Appliances

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The Kenwood Glass Kettle offers style and substance
• The kettle is a staple to any kitchen, and here at Kenwood we pride ourselves on creating innovative and stylish products which not only work best for your needs, but also look great in your home.

• The Glass Kettle is not just a conversation starter though - the contemporary design has been developed to include the most high quality materials so that it is built to last.

We have also factored in your needs for a powerful kettle which is economically friendly
1. Modern Look.
- The simplistic design means that it will look great on any kitchen surface.

2. A sleek curved shape to suit any space
3. Clear glass for a view of water levels
4. Illuminated On/Off switch
5. Easy Flip lid and large handle for ease of use
6. 360 power base – suitable for left and right handed people
7. Cordless – no wires draped over the kitchen top
8. Removable mesh filter for easy cleaning

Eco-Friendly :
• You could be wasting time, energy and water with your current kettle.
• The Eco 1 Cup measurements on our Glass Kettle mean that you can add exactly how much water you need, making the boil much quicker as well as reducing energy and water waste.

Don’t think that going green is a reduction in power though – 2.2kW means your cuppa will be ready in no time at all.

Features :

1. 360 power base
- Whether you're left handed, or right handed, the power base allows you to turn and remove the kettle as needed.

2. 1.7 litre capacity
- Enough cups of tea for the whole family.

3. Removable mesh filter
- Keep your kettle clean as a whistle, without the hassle.

4. Flip top lid
- Fill and refill quickly and easily.

• Specifications
- Attachments and capacities
- Flip lid:Yes

• General specifications
- Size (cm):24H x 22W x 16D
- Wattage:2200W
- Weight:968 g

• Miscellaneous
- 360 degree base:Yes
- Concealed element:Yes
- Cord storage:Yes
- Eco 1 cup measurements:Yes
- Illuminated power indicator:Yes
- Limescale filter:Yes
- Power base:Yes
- Water level indicator:Yes

• Capacities
- Capacity:1.7 litres