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Kenwood Creaming Beater 4.6L - All Stand Mixer Attachments - Baking

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Suitable for 4.6L stand mixers models such as KVC3100, KVC5100, KMC010, KM030, KM010, KM001, KMC570, KM336. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide.

• For 6.7L stand mixers, use Creaming Beater 6.7L.

Kenwood's kitchen machine attachments are the perfect helper for homemakers, multi-functional, reliable, and efficient. This flexible creaming beater is the perfect tool for the most delicate cake mixes and toppings. Equipped with pliable wings, the creaming beater ensures that all ingredients are well-mixed to create amazing bakes. Forget about using your spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl when you have this creaming beater. The pliable wings act as a spatula and are also removable for easy cleaning and usage. Kenwood's creaming beater is designed to be used with creaming and mixing soft ingredients. Do not use with heavy ingredients like dough, or mixtures containing stone fruits, bones or shells.

• Removable flexible wings
• High temperature resistant
• Dishwasher safe

What's in the box :
• x1 Creaming beater 4.6L with removable flexible wings