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Kenwood Continuous Slicer / Grater Chef Attachment AT340

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*Only suitable with stand mixers with a high-speed outlet, excluding the kMix series. For more information, refer to our kitchen machine attachment compatibility guide. Save yourself from a ton of tedious preparation work and maximise the functions of your stand mixer with Kenwood's range of kitchen machine attachments. This powerful Kenwood tool can work non-stop to prepare family-sized quantities of fruit and vegetables for your cooking needs. Prepare large quantities of ingredients in different shapes and sizes with the seven stainless steel cutting discs. Place a large bowl below the spout and see your ingredients turn into beautifully and evenly sliced pieces within seconds, without lifting a knife. Ideal for coleslaws, fishcakes, rosti and meat toppings, salads, french fries, and grated cheese, and capable of continuously processing large quantities of ingredients. Includes 7 stainless steel discs; thin-slicing, thick slicing, thin grating, thick grating, extra-fine grating, fine julienne, and thick julienne. 2.2kg