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Hario Bake With Me with Scale of Hario

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Heat-proof glass baking ware set including a heat-proof glass pound cake tray, a measuring cup, and a spatula.Both the pound cake tray and the measuring cup are heat-proof and can be used in an oven or microwave. The small spatula allows for mixing even at the corners of containers. It comes with "Easy to mix, a deep shaped mixing bowl. The deep design is designed to make it easier to mix during cooking and preparation. The size capacity fits plenty, and with a smaller diameter, it can be stored compactly.As the glass is heat-proof, you can easily heat it up easily in the microwave of oven! We also include the scale that offers you full control over the amount of ingredients you use, enabling you to bake anything you want and it also best for V60 pour coffee.

Heatproof Glass:
SizePound cake tray: 240 x 94 x 67mm
Measuring cup: 150 x 105 x 120mm
Spatula: 190 x 105 x 9mm
Pound cake tray: Full capacity 850ml
Measuring cup: Practical capacity 500ml
Item Code HSK-2008-R
Colour Transparent
Materials Pound cake tray, measuring cup: Heat-proof Glass
Spatula: PolypropylenePlace of Manufacture

SIZE W210 × D210 × H120mm
CAPACITY Full capacity 2,200mlMATERIAL Heatproof glass"


Item Number: VST-2000W

Colour: White

Size: W120×D190×H29mm

Weight: 348g

Capacity: 2,000g maximum


Main Body, Weighing Platform: ABS Resin