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Delonghi Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box 128mm

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Love making your coffee but hate that your coffee grounds are difficult to clean and remove? Don't forget the essential knock box in your coffee setup. To improve your espresso-making workflow and home barista poise, the De’Longhi Coffee Knock box is what you need to ensure that your coffee-making process is as professional as the barista in your favorite cafe.

Equipped with a non-slip rubber base that absorbs shock and makes your coffee disposal less noisy, you'll never have to worry about waking up your neighbors when you're craving a caffeine fix while burning the midnight oil. Designed to fit into your kitchen sink and coffee counter with non-slip rounded edges for easy cleaning. Keep yourself safe and worry-free, knowing that your fingers are protected and that your espresso puck is perfectly knocked out every time.

- 128mm diameter
- Flat-top design
- Food grade stainless steel
- Non-slip rubber base
- Removable rubber edges
- Removable bash bar for easy cleaning
- Dishwasher safe

Have a smaller countertop space and wish to save space? Discover the Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box 105mm DLSC059 with a smaller footprint and slanted design.