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Delonghi Coffee Ground Canister 170g - All Coffee Machine

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This De’Longhi Coffee Canister locks in the freshness of the freshly grounded coffee beans to ensure that every cup of coffee you drink from the comfort of your own home is of cafe-like quality. Use this coffee ground canister as an extra container to store different types of beans. Grounded too many coffee beans accidentally? This canister is perfect to ensure that your favorite coffee bean blends are not mixed up.

• 170g capacity
• Compatible with Coffee Grinder KG520 or KG521
• Distinguish between different coffee beans flavors with 10 marking stickers
• Suitable for both coffee beans or coffee grounds.
• Gauge the level of coffee grounds easily with a translucent container

If you're looking for something more air-tight and opaque for longer storage of fresh coffee beans, find out more about the Manual Vacuum Sealed Coffee Canister 1.3L.