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Delonghi - Coffee Machine Water Softener Filter

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Thanks to its innovative system, the water softener filter optimize water quality, ensuring you the intense flavor and natural aroma of good coffee. Prolong the lifespan of your coffee maker and ensure that your coffee maker is in tip-top condition, just like when you first bought it. Extract the best coffee flavor and natural aroma by regularly using the De’Longhi water filter.

  • Compatible for all fully automated coffee machines and manual pump espresso coffee machines.
  • Optimizes water quality by reducing the frequency of limescale removal by 20%
  • Long-lasting, minimally up to 60 days of usage

*The water softener filter is optional if you are using Singapore's tap water.

For descaling, use the EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler 500ml. For multi-functional maintenance of both the milk frothing system and cleaning the external coffee machine surfaces, use the Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml.