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Coffeeparts Professional Milk Thermometer

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Easy to use thermometer with milk temperature markings to assist in correct temperature usage. Our Classic Coffee Parts professional milk jug thermometers are used just about everywhere from homes to cafes and specialty coffee roasters. Coffee thermometers are both used for consistency in the art of steaming and stretching milk, as well as the safety of both the barista and the consumer. Another common use for barista thermometer is as a hot water thermometer to become a coffee temperature gauge and actually to check the temperature of the hot water at both the group head and hot water tap. Generally, a common water temperature here is 91 degrees which is considered the optimum water temperature for coffee extraction. Designed with a minimalistic simple design for a busy barista in any food business, this thermometer is the perfect addition for barista who want reliable steaming gear. Specifications: - 0-100 Degrees celsius adjustable thermometer which can be calibrated - 120mm shaft designed to fit 300ml, 600ml and 1Lt milk pitching jugs Features - Clear temperature gauge dial with temperature markers - Full stainless body and shaft - Removable clip